Work Practice

Industry Experience

During the long years of our practice, we have acquired experience in different economic sectors, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Production and distribution of electric energy
  • Water supply
  • Construction
  • Trade and commerce
  • Transport
  • Tourism
  • Real estate
  • Professional services and scientific research
  • Administration and organisation
  • Others

EU Operational Programmes

We have collaborated on different projects under operational programmes, financed by funds of the European Union, including:

  • Human Resources Development
  • Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013
  • Administrative Capacity 2007-2013
  • Environment 2007-2013
  • Cross-border Cooperation Romania – Bulgaria 2007-2013
  • Others

Knowledge & Skills

As a result of our work in different sectors, as well as our participation in different projects, we have established knowledge and understanding, specific for these fields, including with respect to:

Regulation and legal framework

Business practice

Operational methods and know-how

Accounting and tax treatment of transactions and operations

Financial implications and forecasts


Despite our experience, our team takes individual approach towards every new engagement, while aiming to learn the latest developments, changes and requirements in this particular case, including any additional qualifications this may require. Only this way, we feel ready to deal with all challenges of the contemporary business environment as well as to help our clients develop their business in the desired direction.

More than 18 years of work practice, collaboration in over 30 business transactions on mergers and acquisition, more than 60 active clients, partnership in over 10 EU projects.

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