Why Us?

Our Approach

We believe our approach is what makes us different in the dynamic market of our services. Our practice taught us that the most consulting projects are the ones where we work together with our clients like members of the same team and everyone brings his or her own knowledge, experience and resources, no matter whether this is related to a particular issue or to the development of a comprehensive growth strategy. We, therefore, base our work approach on the following principles:

Individual Approach

Individual approach – according to the specific needs and objectives of the client.


From the start, we aim at understanding what is expected from us.


We analyse the processes, the organisational structure, the resources available, the significant factors, as well as the opportunities and threats for further development.


We provide recommendations/strategy for improvement.


We implement the strategy approved, while the advancement is monitored and controlled regularly.


When any issues during the work process arise, the client is notified immediately and the problem is discussed in order to take the necessary measures in time

At the end of each engagement, we review and analyse the results. Based on these findings, we draw implications and conclusions as a reference for future endeavours.

Our Team

Darina Ignatova
Registered Auditor

The leading auditor in the company is Darina Ignatova, registered auditor and member of ICPA.

Beginning her career as an accountant, Mrs Ignatova acquires qualification certified public accountant, diplom 377, in 1997. A year later, she establishes the company Odit Konsult, through which she starts providing audit services.

During the years of development, the scope of operations and qualifications becomes broader, while today they include:

  • Registered auditor
  • Certified management consultant
  • Tax expert
  • Others

As an expert with professional experience in accounting and audit of over 30 years, Mrs Ignatova finds the right approach towards solving complex business issues, while overcoming the challenges of the contemporary regulatory, tax and market environment.

The professional experience, education and qualifications of Nikolay are focused on business, finance and investments, including:

  • MSc International Securities, Investment and Banking, ICMA Centre at University of Reading
  • International Fixed Income and Derivatives certificate
  • BSc Business Administration, City University Seattle
  • Experience in trading on financial marketsОпит с търговия на финансови пазари
  • Financial analysis and budgeting
  • Internal auditor on ISO 9001
  • Independent valuer and member of CIAB

Given his professional background, Nikolay contributes for improving and increasing the scope of services by putting emphasis on the financial aspect of operations.

Nikolay Ignatov
Assistant Auditor

Our Mission

Our goal is to work together with our clients as partners, thus sharing our knowledge and experience in order to improve the outcome of their business. To achieve this, we also share our values, which are fundamental for our work.

Ethics & Integrity

Professionalism & Competency


Quality & Effectiveness

More than 18 years of work practice, collaboration in over 30 business transactions on mergers and acquisition, more than 60 active clients, partnership in over 10 EU projects.

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