Accounting Process

Organisation of the accounting process

Accounting Policy

Preparation, review, analysis and actualisation of the accounting policy

Document Turnover

Organisation of the internal control and the document management

Material Resources

Management of the material resources

Internal Control

Participation during inventory checks and other internal control procedures

Accounting Issues

Consulting on operational accounting issues

Accounting Review

Performing review and analysis of the current accounting

Legal Requirements

Control for compliance with the legal requirements

Closing of Accounts

Accounting close at year end


Training and qualifying personnel

Preparation of

  • financial statements
  • statements for the Bulgarian National Bank
  • documents and statements for the National Statistical Institute

Our Experience

In line with our general approach, our accounting services are targeted towards concrete issues, consultation and treatment of transactions. Our goal is to inform our clients about all new developments in the accounting and tax legislation, which are relevant to the business of the client and have impact on its opportunities for growth.

We support our clients to successfully manage their financial reporting, allowing them to focus on the operating side of the business. Through deep understanding and knowledge about each activity of the clients, we find opportunities for improving the management of the informational flows in the respective enterprises. This is achieved by recruitment of experts, as well as by their continuous professional qualification.

More than 18 years of work practice, collaboration in over 30 business transactions on mergers and acquisition, more than 60 active clients, partnership in over 10 EU projects.

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