Business Consulting

Analysis and Forecasts

Financial analysis and forecasts


Financial planning and budgeting


Consulting with respect to commercial, accounting and tax legislation


Valuation and consulting on investments and other transactions


Research and cooperation with respect to business transactions

Optimisation & Organisation

Optimisation and organisation of work and processes


Corporate restructuring


Preparation and valuation of projects

Business Strategy

Support in developing a business strategy


Preparation of financial models

Business Combinations:

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Separation

Our Experience

With all of our work, we aim at sharing our knowledge and experience with our partners in order to improve their business results. Our financial and analytical skills, our practice and qualifications in different fields allow us to provide innovative and flexible solutions for the individual needs of your business.

The contemporary business and regulatory environment presents new risks and challenges, thus making it even more complex, not only from operational, but also from administrative perspective. Taking these factors into consideration, we, as a team, have sufficient experience and qualifications in different fields to be able to deal with these challenges and help our clients overcome them, thus allowing them to focus on their core operations. Therefore, we are ready to provide not only specific services, but also comprehensive business solutions.

You could be sure you will receive the quality, typical for large corporate enterprises, but at a much lower price. Our small team is easily accessible, which ensures effective collaboration. We aim at being flexible and we are ready to visit our clients at a suitable for them place and time.

More than 18 years of work practice, collaboration in over 30 business transactions on mergers and acquisition, more than 60 active clients, partnership in over 10 EU projects.

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