Tax Inspections

Help with tax inspections and revisions


Tax and other registrations

Administrative Authorities

Cooperation in work with the NRA or other administrative authorities


Tax treatment of transactions and business operations

Preparation and Consultation

  • monthly VAT declarations
  • monthly Intrastat declarations
  • tax declarations under the Corporate Income Tax Act
  • other tax declarations

Our Experience

In recent years, the tax legislation develops quickly, while providing ever more complex framework for treatment of transactions. This is a serious challenge for large part of the businesses, while the tax effect could have a significant impact on the operations.

We offer services that respond to these challenges, thus supporting our clients in meeting all legal requirements, but also keeping the efficiency of their business as a whole. Our consulting in the tax field aims at providing optimal solutions that save time and resources for the client.

More than 18 years of work practice, collaboration in over 30 business transactions on mergers and acquisition, more than 60 active clients, partnership in over 10 EU projects.

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